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This site was constructed by me, Scott Shilala, with help from the poultry hobbyist community, and support from my wonderful wife, Kelly Jo.
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The Easy Chicken
for beginners
Barnevelders are a rare breed that hail from the District of Barneveld, Holland.
They are much sought after because of their ability to lay a very dark brown egg in good numbers.
They are an all-around utility bird, making them an excellent choice for anyone wishing to work with one of the rare breeds.
Here I've noticed a number of things about Barnies that make them a joy to keep.
One in particular is the maternal nature of the Roosters.
In my flock I've found that hens are much more aggressive to introduced juveniles than are the males.
The Males will readily accept a new brood of peeps, enjoying their company and settling down on them in the evening.
They are very docile and willing to please. The birds truly enjoy interaction with people, as well as the other animals on the farm. They are very trusting, yet still wary.
They relish greens and garlic, and are careful eaters.
They are very clean birds, spending countless hours grooming and dust bathing.
They are very easy to care for in comparison to many other breeds.
They are excellent foragers that can take care of themselves very well on free-range.
We've managed to increase our stock of Exhibition Quality Barnevelders this year to help keep up with the incredible demand for these beautiful birds.
We know you'll enjoy this charming breed at your home, we certainly have!!!
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