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This unit is designed for the ease of incubation for research. The model is equipped with 5 racks that are in a stationary position. It is not automatically turned; each rack holds four plastic egg trays that slide in and out for easy observation of the eggs.
Available in 110 or 220 volt models. Incubators come equipped with standard Solid State control. A digital Zytron Control System is optional. Capacity for other eggs similar to BSS-600 or 1200 incubator.
Research and Labratory Incubators
600 and 1200 Egg
BLAB600110V     Lab Incubator 600 Egg    $3,300
Cabinet Incubator
600 Egg
Cabinet Incubator
960/1200/1920 Egg

BLAB600220V     Lab Incubator 600 Egg    $4,000
BLAB1200220V   Lab Incubator 1200 Egg   $5,500 
BLAB1200110V   Lab Incubator 1200 Egg   $5,000
Auto Turn model rocks the eggs gently at a correct interval to ensure maximum hatchability. Plastic trays allow free flow of air around the eggs and there is no weight whatsoever on the individual eggs when turned. The clear plastic door allows for visual observation of the eggs at all times. Automatic humidity controller comes with a 5 gallon container for water, however, the unit is set up so it can be hooked directly into your water line. The incubator comes with a set of plastic trays of your choice, other sizes are available for alternate sizes of eggs. Fiberglass Construction.
Dimensions are 52"High X 28" Wide X 38" Deep.
Capacities are as follows:
600 Chicken or pheasant eggs in WAS-30 trays.
400 Turkey, Duck, or Peafowl eggs in TEG-20 trays.
1120 Pheasant eggs in PET-46 stacking trays.
2300 Quail eggs in Q-95 trays.
1120 Bantam eggs in BANTAM-46 trays.
4600 Quail eggs in Q-95-ST stacking trays.
BSS600110   Auto-Turn Incubator 110 volt   $3,500  ZY  $4,400
BSS600220   Auto-Turn Incubator 220 volt   $4,240  ZY  $5,140
These incubators greatly increase capacity over the 600 egg model, while housing the same exceptional features.
Available in 960, 1200, or 1,920 egg capacity. 110 or 220 volt.

BSS1200110   Auto-Turn Incubator 110 volt   $4,900  ZY  $5,700
BSS1200220   Auto-Turn Incubator 220 volt   $5,680  ZY  $6,490
BSS960110     Auto-Turn Incubator 110 volt   $3,750  ZY  $4,550
BSS1920110   Auto-Turn Incubator 110 volt   $5,660 ZY  $6,460
BSS1920220   Auto-Turn Incubator 220 volt   $5,705  ZY  $6,505
BSS960220     Auto-Turn Incubator 220 volt   $4,675  ZY  $5,475
This unit is primarily designed as a seperate hatcher.
It has a clear plastic observation door. The plastic hatcher trays have a hardware type bottom. Each hatcher tray is supplied with a cover to prevent hatchlings from leaping out of the trays.
All trays can be used as a hatcher, or some sections can be used for incubation, using manual turning. The cabinet size is the same as that of the SS600, which is 52" high, by 28" wide, by 38"deep for the model SS400. The Model SS800 is 52" high by 56" wide by 32" deep.
BSS400110   400 Egg Hatcher 110 volt   $2,165  ZY  $2965
BSS400220   400 Egg Hatcher 220 volt   $2,690  ZY  $3,490
BSS800110   800 Egg Hatcher 110 volt   $3,710  ZY  $4,510
BSS800220   800 Egg Hatcher 220 volt   $4,515  ZY  $5,315
Seperate Hatcher
or Manual Incubator
400 and 800 Egg
This unit offers diversity of incubating and hatching in the same unit.
It has three turning racks with plastic trays so that one tray can be set at a time, moved to the bottom hatcher tray and hatched, while the eggs above are still in incubation. This allows for a cycle of at least one hatch per week. The hatcher tray has a cover and allows enough headroom to hatch turkey, duck, and goose eggs.
BSS360110   360 Egg Hatcher/Incubator 110 volt   $3,555  ZY  $4,455
BSS360220   360 Egg Hatcher/Incubator 220 volt   $4,345  ZY  $5,245
360 Egg
This unit is designed especially for display at fairs, schools, zoos, etc. It's made so hatching can be viewed from all sides, so that children, parents and other viewers can see the chicks hatching in varous stages. The dimensions and working mechanism of this manual incubator/hatcher are the same as our standard unit which has many years of reliability.
This unit makes for a wonderful attraction at an agricultural display.
All outside controls are placed in an enclosed area so that no children or adults can try to alter them.
Clear View Display
360 Egg
Clear400110   Clear View Display 110 volt   $3,110 
Clear400220   Clear View Display 220 volt   $4,510
Hatcher Trays
Tray O-12   Hatcher Tray 12 compartments   $58 each
We can supply incubators with pedigree hatcher trays.
These trays have partitions made especially for Marked Pedigree Eggs to be placed into hatchers so that each number of chicks hatch in their individual compartments.
The tray size is 25 1/4" long by 19 3/4" wide by 5 1/2" high.
Tray O-18   Hatcher Tray 18 compartments   $68 each
Tray O-24   Hatcher Tray 24 compartments   $72 each