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Octagon 10
Octagon 20
Octagon 40
Pro-20 Digital
Brooder Module
TLC4 Brooder
Alarm Module
Smaller than Polyhatch, without automatic egg turner, but with the same precise temperature control system. Ideal for use as a hatcher or for use with hand turning.
The Polyhatch has become the standard against which other small incubators are compared. Naturally convected air creates a situation similar to that found in nests. Precise temperature control at exactly the right height helps overcome problems associated with still air hatching.
Polyhatch turns your eggs automatically.

Identical to Polyhatch, but with much larger capacity.
The "A" provides automatic moving floor egg turning and external humidity adjustment. The "H" is designed especially as a "still air" hatcher for use with autoturning incubators.
Clean economical chick brooder for up to 50 chicks or ducklings. Clear plastic lets you keep an eye on progress. Uses standard lamps.
This tiny incubator offers huge performance. Accurate temperature control, natural convective ventilation, and Brinsea's unique "Omnitherm" all around heating make it simple to use and ideal for beginners and teaching.
The Octagon 20 MKIII, introduced in 1995 has set the standard for small forced air incubators. It's advanced electronic temperature control, Omnitherm heating, and thermally efficient cabinet provide unparalleled temperature stability at an unbeatable price.
Using the same technology as the Octagon 20, the Octagon 40 Digital offers the same high performance with double the egg capacity. The Octagon 40 is supplied with its autoturn cradle as standard equipment.
Designed for the discerning breeder, the Pro-20 builds on the superb temperature control system of the Octagon 20 with precise continuous management of humidity, unique egg cushions, calibrated digital thermometer, and automatic hourly egg turning. The only choice for rare or valuable eggs when you cannot afford to take chances.
Allows the Octagon 20 to be used as a low-cost, high-performance brooder. The top of the Octagon 20 provides the temperature and ventilation control. The module gives the chicks the space they need and all around visibility.
It can also be used with the Humidity Management Module.
The TLC4 is the ultimate in hospital-type avian brooders. The TLC4 incorporates warming walls, electrostatically-filtered forced air, Omnitherm heating, humidity control, full-view windows, positive pressure interior, and interior lighting.
More eggs fail due to incorrect humidity than any other reason. The HMM solves this problem by monitoring and controlling humidity as accurately and easily as Brinsea's incubators control temperature.
Suitable for most forced air incubators.
Protects eggs by warning of power failure or any incubation temperature change. An essential safeguard for valuable eggs. Fully user adjustable.
Hatchmaker   36 egg capacity   $265.00
Polyhatch   42 egg capacity   $499.00
Hatchmaster A   104-160 eggs   $905.00
Hatchmaster H   104-160 eggs   $729.00
Cosy-Lamp Brooder   50 chick capacity   $155.00
Octagon 10   10 Eggs   $169.00
Autoturn Cradle            $124.50
Both Units    $293.50
Octagon 20   24 Eggs   $249.00
Autoturn Cradle             $134.50
Both Units     $383.50.
Octagon 40   48 eggs   $459.00
Octagon Pro-20   16 eggs   $769.00

Brooder Module   $145.00
Brooder Module with Octagon 20 Top   $355.00 
TLC4 Brooder   $399.00
Humidity Management Module   $469.00
Temperature Alarm Module   $299.00
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Octagon 40 Support Page