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We offer a 5% discount to members of poultry organizations. We appreciate those that support poultry organizations!!!
If you are not yet a member of any breed supporting organizations, consider joining The American Poultry Association, The Araucana Club of America, or one of many other fine organizations.
Designed for washing, sanitizing, or disinfecting eggs. Cones are open for increased circulation of water or air. It's by far the most popular of our trays.
Dimensions are 11 1/2" X 11 1/2"
Plastic Egg Tray
WAS-30  Egg Tray   $4.00 each   $125/50  
Extra Large
Plastic Egg Tray
Plastic Egg Tray
Turkey or Duck
Plastic Egg Tray
Boiling or
Roasting Egg Tray
Replacement Tray
Stacking Pheasant
Incubator Tray
Stacking Quail
Incubator Tray
Incubator Tray
30 Dozen
Egg Case
Rack For
30 Dozen Case
New tray redesigned to work with automatic loaders and restackers.The trays will handle large and extra large eggs. Dimensions are 12" X 11 5/8"
XLT-30A   Egg Tray   $4.00 each   $125/50  
The STK-30 is ideal for transportation of eggs. This was formerly the Harwood Tray, and is now interchangeable with the STK-30 tray. Dimensions are 11 1/2" X 11 1/2"
STK-30 Harwood Trays   $4.00 each   $125/50 
TEG-20 Trays have become very popular with Turkey, Duck, and Peafowl raisers, especially turkey raisers because we offer many colors which allow breeding pens to be seperated and sorted by color. 11 3/8" square.
TEG-20    Egg Tray   $6.00 each   $150/50
These trays are made of a special stiff material that will not become soft or over-pliable over time. The material resists high temperatures, and is specially designed for roasting and boiling eggs by the restaurant trade.
HB-30   Roasting/Boiling Tray   $6.00 each   $150/50
Replacement trays for Robbins, Natureform, and many other types of incubators.
R5X6   11 3/8" X 9 3/8" 30 Egg Tray   $10.00 each   $520/104
This egg tray incorporates stacking posts which allow eggs to be stacked during collection, and incubation. Allows double capacity in incubators such as Kuhl that allow ample headroom. Actual tray color is white.
Dimensions 11 3/8" X 9 3/8".
PET-46-ST   Stacking tray for Pheasant   $10.00 each   $150/24  
Tray allows for doubling of capacity in all Kuhl Incubators. This tray will also work in all other incubators designed for use with Turkey and Duck eggs. 95 egg capacity.
Dimensions 11 3/8" X 9 3/8".
Q-95-ST   Quail Egg Stacking Tray   $10.00 each   $150/24
Replacement Egg Tray for Chickmaster, Stabil, and other model incubators. Dimensions are 12" X 12".  48 egg capacity.
CM48   48 Egg Tray   $10.00    $160/30
EGG-30   30 Dozen Egg Case   $30 each   $1500/100 
ECS-12  Egg Case Stand   $50 each
Stainless Steel Egg Case Stand for raising eggs from the EGG-30 Plastic Egg Case. Eases the chore of unloading.
30 dozen Plastic Egg case works with all Kuhl trays except the R6X6. It is designed so it will stack when full, or nest in storage. It is made with a special bottom groove to allow easy unloading. Rigid Polypropylene is unaffected by climatic conditions, and easily cleaned.
Also works with Cartons.
All orders are subject to shipping charges by United Parcel Service or USPS.
Payment by Check, Money Order, or Credit Card through

Email us for orders, shipping quotes or product information.
HB-20   Roasting/Boiling Tray   $6.00 each   $120/40
CM54   54 Egg Tray   $10.00    $160/30
Egg Tray
OS-30   OversizedEgg Tray   $4.00 each   $125/50  
New tray redesigned specifically for use with the Diamond Egg Grader. It has larger cavities for extra large eggs.Dimensions are identical to standard trays.
CHUK80ST  80 Egg Chukar Tray   $10 each   $80/16
JA36  36 Egg Jamesway Tray   $10 each
Chukar Tray
JA42  42 Egg Jamesway Tray   $10 each
JA84  84 Egg Jamesway Tray   $10 each
Replacement Tray
Replacement trays for Jamesway incubators. For use in incubators where grooved trays interlock in making up the tray cavity.
R4X5   11 3/8" X 9 3/8" 20 Egg Tray   $10.00 each   $125/25
R6X6   12 7/8" X 12 7/8" 36 Egg Tray   $10.00 each   $200/40
Designed specifically for chukar eggs, filling the space between the PET46 and Q95 trays. Trays are double stackable. Dimensions 11 3/8" X 9 3/8".