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Kuhl Super CD Solution has been developed after extensive tests in our egg washers. It is a chlorine based detergent which enhances the cleaning action. Super CD
will give excellent results in types of water that where there are many reactionary elements such as high iron content and hard water. Super CD Detergent also gives excellent results with oiled eggs, or eggs held many days before washing.
CD-50    50 lbs. Super CD Detergent    $90 each
Super CD Detergent
Hatcher Tray
Washing Compound

CD350   350 lbs. Super CD Detergent   $400
Kuhl Anti-Foam Solution is specifically formulated for use with Kuhl detergent. The two are designed with each oher in mind, and give excellent results when they are used in combination. Moreover, they will give better results combined than when one of either is combined with non-Kuhl antifoamers or detergents.
FCP5     5 Gallon Anti-Foam Solution    $190 each
FCP55   55 Gallon Anti-Foam Solution   $1,700
This solution is especially formulated for use in Kuhl Incubators and Hatcher Tray Washers. It is not designed for egg washing, it was formulated for a specific purpose. Most detergents or washing compounds are designed for over-all use and therefore, will not give the best cleaning results when used specifically as a tray washer.
50HTWC   50 lbs. Kuhl Tray Washing Compound   $105
This washer is designed to give maximum efficiency to the small egg producer. The tank has rounded corners and a tapered bottom for easy cleaning and drainage.
The specially designed motor eliminates bearing unit trouble, because no bearing is used. Works directly with LR5A racks and 511B egg basket.
KF400   Kuhl Egg Washer 4000 Watt 220 volt   $1280 each
Ideal for collection and washing in our small washers. This rack will work for both 30 egg chicken trays and 20 egg trays, Models WAS30, STK30 HARWOOD, and TEG20 turkey and duck egg trays.
The handle is seperate for easy carrying, and can be removed if necesary for stacking.
This round egg basket is plastic coated for cushioning of the eggs and also to insure against rusting in egg washing. The detergent will not affect the plastic coating, therefore, not mark the eggs.
12 to 15 dozen capacity.
511B   Plastic Coated Egg Basket   $28 each
LR5A   Plastic Coated Egg Rack   $25.00 each
KF200   Kuhl Egg Washer 2000 Watt 110 volt   $1280 each
TC5   Handle For Use With LR5A Egg Rack  $3.00 each
Kuhl Egg Washer
Kuhl Egg
Washer Racks
Kuhl Egg
Gathering Basket
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Brinsea Eggwash/Incubator Disinfectant
I've looked long and hard for an incubator disinfectant that wasn't as aggressive as Tek-Trol. I've found it in Brinsea Disinfectant.
It has a pleasing lemon aroma, and I can use it in the incubator room without having to run for air. It mixes 1 teaspoon to a pint of water, and can be sprayed on and left to dry.
It is safe and biodegradable. Effective against yeasts, fungus, viruses and bacteria. It is suitable for use with incubators, brooders, feeders, waterers, hatching eggs, and other aviary equipment.

BIDC   Brinsea Incubation Concentrate 100 ml   $12.00 each