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This page was last updated on: January 15, 2010
The waterers in this picture include a 5 gallon "twistlock", a 1 gallon "screw-on", and a 1 quart mason jar waterer. The brush is a bottle brush that works great for getting in the cracks. For the money, the 5 gallon waterer is the best. It has a handle on top that folds down .
Cheap 1 gallon "screw-ons" tend to fall apart under their own weight, a twistlock is much nicer. The mason jar waterers are excellent for chicks, and very inexpensive.
These are the rubber bowls that Kelly Jo insisted on. Once again, as always, she was right. They make winter watering so much easier. You can bend the bowls just a little, and great big ice goobers fall right out. They are a time saver, and a frustration saver.
I wish I would have listened to her long ago!!!
This is a 5 gallon "bucket waterer". I have some reservations about them. On the downside, they are clumsy and heavy, making them difficult to handle, especially for Kelly. The bucket handle always hangs in the water. On the other hand, they are economical, and very easy and efficient for delivering large amounts of water to the birds in the heat of the summer. I keep a couple around just for this reason. They're great to have around in a pinch.
This is a type feeder that we use almost exclusively. They are somewhat expensive, but worth every dime. We have not had one break since we have started using them. That is pretty impressive around here, where everything gets broken sooner or later (usually sooner).
The picture shows a 14 pound hanging feeder that we use for pheasants. We mainly use 35 and 50 pound hanging feeders.
This is a 5 gallon galvanized feeder. I bought a few of them at an auction, and I'll be using them as "pinch hitters" until I get new feeders hung. They work, but that's about all. They are bent up, busted up, and look awful. They get rusty, and are impossible to clean thoroughly. I wouldn't recommend galvanized feeders or waterers to anyone for anything short of feeding chicks. If you can pick them up for next to nothing like I did, it may be worth your while.
These are chick feeders. I like the plastic ones because the lids are hinged, they snap shut, and they are durable. They clean up nicely as well. The galvanized feeders are a little less expensive, but as with all galvanized feeders and waterers, spend the extra dollar and buy plastic. Make sure the plastic feeders and waterers you buy are "pliable" plastic and not hard, brittle plastic. The hard stuff will last a day or so, the pliable plastic will last much, much longer.
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