Hatching Eggs
Black Large
Fowl Cochins
Red Golden
Our Muscovies
Show Quality birds!!! These eggs come from a flock of massive, well feathered birds. Their beauty and grace are rivaled only by their gentleness and stature.
Currently Unavailable
From an open flock of 30+ birds containing no less than eleven seperate bloodlines. Perfect Red Goldens of excellent health, genetic diversity, and hardiness.
Currently Unavailable
These ducks roost, and are very compatible with chickens. Ours free-range year-round, and are excellent cleaner-uppers of spilled feed. They are wonderful, hardy birds. Currently Unavailable
Black, Tufted, Rumpless Araucana Large Fowl
These eggs sport an excellent blue, and are of decent size. They come from a flock of Standard Bred Araucana that are closing in very quickly on show quality. You should hatch some excellent breeding stock, and perhaps some show quality chicks from this year's eggs.
Currently Unavailable.
All hatching eggs are subject to seasonal availability.
We ship eggs by Priority Mail, always insured.

Just a tip...
When ordering hatching eggs from anyone, be sure to ask every question you can think of before ordering. Find out if the birds are of the type, confirmation, and/or the quality you are looking for, and how the seller will ship. Ask about their success with shipping eggs.
Although hatching eggs are guaranteed fertile, be aware that NO hatching eggs are guaranteed to hatch. There are too many factors involved on both sides of the fence.
Chicks are generally shipped insured, but only to the extent of the cost of postage. The birds themselves are only insured if there is physical damage to the shipping container.
All the risk of shipping chicks belongs to the seller. If you have any reservations that you can't overcome, Please do NOT purchase hatching eggs. Make arrangements for chicks, juveniles, or adults, it's safer.
Please be aware of the risks of buying hatching eggs through the mail.
Understand that YOU, the buyer, bears ALL the responsibility for your purchase of hatching eggs!!!
If there are any problems along the way, let me know, and I will try to help as best I can.
Caveat Emptor...Buyer Beware.
Scott Shilala
****Before proceeding with any hatching egg purchase****
Please read the "Hatching Egg Disclaimer" at the bottom of this page.
Hatching Egg Disclaimer
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We offer a 5% discount to members of poultry organizations. We appreciate those that support poultry organizations!!!
If you are not yet a member of any breed supporting organizations, consider joining The American Poultry Association, The Araucana Club of America, or one of many other fine organizations.
All orders are subject to shipping charges by United Parcel Service. Add 6% for COD Shipments.
Payment by Check, Money Order, or Credit Card through PayPal.com.

Email us for orders, shipping quotes or product information.
Our Marans
Created from the best of five prominant blood lines, our Marans sport some of the best egg color in the States. They are extremely hardy and productive.  Currently Unavailable