Here's the progression of the obsession. We started out with the $12.99 "See The Marvel Of Life" incubator, and are currently at the 2100 egger.
Wonder what's next? Probably a divorce if I don't soon get a grip.
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
If you want to ensure that you'll never know, get yourself one of these. This was our first stab, and we moved quickly on to bigger and better things.
     The Hovabator. Truly a great little incubator. Inexpensive, and reliable. There are 2 features missing from this incubator, the Picture Window, and the Fan. You should consider both options when buying a little bator, they will add to your experience, and success.
The 3rd missing feature. This is where you could save money. Turning eggs by hand forces you to check on your eggs twice daily, and a turner will give you a false sense of security, keeping you away from your bator when you should be seeing what's going on.
The 600 egger was our next move.
We currently use it as a hatcher. We also use it for emu eggs.
It'll only hold about 30 EMU eggs, but it does a nice job. The emu eggs on the bottom shelf are "blown out". I sanitize them, and dry them in the incubator. They are beautiful eggs, and make neat decorations. Everybody has to take one home when they see them, and kids love them!!!
The 2100 egg bator. This is what we are doing all our eggs in now. The middle picture shows the inside, and the right pic shows 3/4's of a full tray of Ringneck Pheasant eggs. This incubator works very well, although I have an awful time keeping the humidity up. At seasons' end, I will tighten it up, by sealing all the joints, and fixing any loose spots. I already regasketed it, which helped, but it needs to be tighter for the winter months.
Incubator Pictures
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