Recently we hatched some baby geese here at the house.
Our daughter took a shine to one, so we decided to hang on to him for awhile (notice I said "him").
As Goose Goose grew, he followed us from one end of the yard to another, just as a good goose should.
One of his favorite pastimes was to help gather eggs, even though he wasn't much help :).
One day when Goose Goose was about 4 weeks old, Kelly called me to the back yard.
There was Goose Goose in the Cochin coop stealing eggs. He hurriedly dug a nest and pulled them under him. As soon as he had them where he wanted them, they'd squirt out from under him. He'd jump up, scratch a deeper nest, and roll his eggs in. When he set again, they'd pop out all over. He'd work and work, adjusting himself and propping himself up, but he just couldn't get the eggs to stay put.
He worked at this for about a half hour while we all stood watching and laughing.
We eventually gathered him up, because he was starting to look exhausted. We closed the coop door and he stood hollering at us, looking back and forth between us and the door until he finally followed along.
A few days later, we moved a batch of ducklings out to the brooder shed.
Goose Goose immediately took a liking to them, lying next to their brooder box all day and night.
We figured "what the heck" and threw Goose Goose in with the ducklings.
It was an immediate love story.
He's been raising the ducklings ever since, and he's never lost a single one.
They've been out on the yard just doing their thing for a week now, and all is well.
You just never know what you're going to see next around here...
Hope you enjoyed the story!!!
Mama Goose
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