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This page was last updated on: January 15, 2010

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We offer a 5% discount to members of poultry organizations. We appreciate those that support poultry organizations!!!
If you are not yet a member of any breed supporting organizations, consider joining The American Poultry Association, The Araucana Club of America, or one of many other fine organizations.
Nest Bottoms
This new bottom is designed for anyone who needs them for replacement on older roll-out nests or who might plan to convert their present nest to roll-out. They are easily installed with the instructions enclosed. Dimensions are 12 1/2"W x 17 1/2"L x 3"D.
PRO-10   Roll-Out Nest Bottoms          $70/10 
Nest Pads
Nest pads are designed to allow droppings to fall through. This greatly decreases need for cleaning nest boxes. Pads are made of an open plastic grid that is easily cleaned.
Pads are also used extensively as flooring for baby ostriches
and Emu.
KNP-11-40   Plastic Nest Pads   $100/40   $40/10
PNB   Plastic Nest Bottoms   $40/10   $310/130  
400-T   Trap Nest Front   $35/each 
9 1/4" High X 10 3/4 Wide
Required Opening Width 11", Required Opening Height 6 7/8"
Designed for K10P-TNF 10 Hole Nest with trap nest fronts.
Nest Traps
This new nest bottom will now be supplied in all Kuhl nests. It corrects the biggest wear problem on metal nests. It is made of plastic, and will not rot, rust or corrode.It has adjustable ends that allow it to fit practically all nests with a 12" front.
12" Deep X 12" Wide. The 2 end flaps are 2 1/4" and are molded to be flexible to fit the size of the nest.
The best way to check the egg production of your hens. This new trap is easily exchanged from one house to the other. The open construction of these traps gives the attendant a full view of the hen, and provides ample ventilation.
Nest traps are a very specialized items. Each nest has a specific application of very short range.
We can supply pictures and more specific dimensions on request.
RO-NP    Roll-Out Nest Bottoms Pads  $50/10 
Kuhl Plastic
Nest Bottoms
TRAP-3   Special order for oversized breeder nest   $35/each 
12 1/4 High X 10 3/4" Wide
Designed for oversized breeder nests such as the BB Series.
Nest must have metal top.
TRAP 95T   Turkey Trap Nest Front   $36/each

Very limited quantity available, no longer in production. 

16 1/4" High X 14 3/4" Wide Outside Frame Dimension
14 1/2" High X 12 5/8" Wide Inside Frame Dimension
11" X 12 5/8" Opening when set
The Easy Chicken
Poultry and Supply
All orders are subject to shipping charges by USPS or UPS.
Payment by Check, Money Order, or Credit Card through PayPal.com.

Email us for orders, shipping quotes or product information.
TRAP-8   Special Trap Fronts  $35/each 
Special Trap Nest Front for 8" and 10" opening. Designed
for trap nests with 12 or 14 holes that are 60" in total length.

Picture coming soon