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Perfect Peepers
This New Peeper is in response to Game Bird Keepers requests. It sports a higher rise, with a smooth, solid guard top.
NPP1M-CC   Perfect Peepers with Pin         $52/100   $215/1000
CPP1M-CC   Perfect Peepers with C-Clip     $25/100   $210/1000
Peepers w/c-clip
Pheasant Hood
Cheaper Peepers
Big Bird Peepers
Chukar Flippers
Beak Guards
Heavy Duty
Nylon Pins
Peeper Pins
Anti-Pick Bits
This peeper is supplied with hog ring clips, rather than Poly Pins.
Made of polyethylene plastic, this hood is heavily reinforced around the nostril so that it will not rip out and break.
Can be attached with Pins or C-Clips.
This peeper is designed for the economy minded raiser and is not necessarily recommended for larger commercial installations.
This new peeper is designed for use on Wild Turkeys. It's much larger in size than the standard Peeper.
Offered only with heavy duty nylon pins.
This new plastic device replaces the popular aluminum model made years ago on the West Coast. It is ideal for use on Chukar Partridges. It can easily be attached with a C-Clip, or Nylon Pin.
The Kuhl Beak Guard is now redesigned to allow open air space to avoid bacteria build-up between the beak and the beak guard.
Comes in sizes for Pheasant and Wild Turkey.
The most popular nylon pin on the market today.
Made of super-strength nylon specially designed for use in cold climates. Our Heavy Duty Nylon Pins are used by most of the commercial raisers throughout the world.
Economical pin developed for the cost conscious grower.
Not made out of the same Heavy Duty Nylon as item #NP, Cheaper Peeper Pins are not recommended for use in colder climates.
For those who prefer bits instead of peepers, we now offer the new
Bit Anti-Pick Devices. We strongly suggest that peepers are far
better as an anti-pick system, there are people who prefer to use the bit-type. We are therefore offering 2 sizes. BIT-2 handles Pheasants from 3 to 6 weeks, and Quail and Partridges from 3 weeks to
maturity. BIT-3 handles Pheasants from 6 weeks to maturity.
LPP1M-CC   Perfect Peepers no clip or pin   $37/100   $200/1000
HOOD-C-CC   Hood with C-Clip        $28/100   $220/1000
HOOD-N-CC   Hood with pin             $30/100   $230/1000
HOOD-L-CC   Hood less pin or clip   $26/100   $210/1000
CP1M   Cheaper Peeper less pin or clip   $85/1000
CPP     Cheaper Peeper Pin                    $45/1000
NP       Heavy Duty Peeper Pin                $55/1000
WTP-100-N   Big Bird Peeper with Pin            $35/100   $190/1000
WTP-100-C   Big Bird Peeper with C-Clip        $30/100   $175/1000
WTP-100-L   Big Bird Peeper less pin or clip   $28/100   $160/1000
FLIP-N-CC   Chukar Flipper with Pin            $35/100   $170/1000
FLIP-C-CC   Chukar Flipper with C-Clip        $33/100   $155/1000
FLIP-L-CC   Chukar Flipper less pin or clip   $31/100   $145/1000
BG3-1M-N   Pheasant Beak Guard with Pin       $180/1000
BG3-1M-C   Pheasant Beak Guard with C-Clip   $175/1000
BG4-1M-N   Turkey Beak Guard with Pin           $190/1000
BG4-1M-C   Turkey Beak Guard with C-Clip       $185/1000
NP   Extra Stregth Nylon Pin   $50/1000
CPP   Cheaper Peeper Nylon Pin   $45/1000
BIT-2   Anti-Pick Device   $45/1000 or $10/100
BIT-3   Anti-Pick Device   $50/1000 or $12/100
Hog Ring Plier
Hog Ring Pliers for use with anti-pick bits, and flight netting. The most economical alternative.
Hog Ring Pliers for use with anti-pick bits, and flight netting. Heavier Duty, Longer Lasting.
PLIER   Hog Ring Plier   $15.00 each  
SUPER-P   Deluxe Hog Ring Plier   $28.00 each
Hog Ring Plier
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