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Children at Blackstone Developmental Preschool are excited to begin their newest project-hatching eggs. After learning that dinosaurs came from eggs during their last week's unit, they've now begun learning about some of the other animals that come from eggs.
If you'd like to learn along with them, just check in every few days, as they will be keeping us posted on what's happening!!! This is going to be SO COOL!!!!
Day One They're here!!! The eggs have arrived, and we had so much to do. A friend helped us to make sure the incubator was set up properly. We helped to gently place the eggs inside. What kind of eggs are these anyway? The teacher wouldn't tell us. We talked about all of the things that could come from eggs, and we each had an opportunity to predict what WE thought was growing inside the egg.
Our teacher did give us one clue; she says the eggs will hatch in 21 days. We can't wait to see what will hatch!
Day 2 We helped our teacher count as she made a number line on our wipe-off board that went to 21. Our helper erased the last number and wesaw how many days there are left for us to wait.
Day 3-4-5-6 Each day we check the thermostat in our incubator. Sometimes we have to adjust it so that the temperature stays the same each day. The helper for the day erases a number from our number line each day.
Day 7 Wow! It has been a week and today is a really cool day-we each got to candle the eggs! We stood a bright flashlight up inside a box. There was a small hole cut in the top of the box. One by one we took the eggs out of the incubator and set them on the hole. The light shone through the shells. In some of them we could see dark lines. Our friend Mary told us that is blood vessels. In some of the eggs, we did not see any lines and there were bubles floating inside. One egg had a crack in it, so we through that one away. We counted the eggs that had vessels-there were 10. We counted the eggs that we could not see any vessels, there were 7. We're going to do it again in one more week.
More to come!!!
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