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52-54 days. Mosaic tolerant, round, green, tender, stringless, and full of flavor.
Ideal for freezing or canning. Seed is a dark purple mottled with tan.
Tendergreen Bean     1/2 lb. $5.00
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Black Corn
Detroit Dark Red       1 oz. $3.00
60 Days. Beets are globe shaped, uniform, smooth dark red with a small tap root. Excellent for canning and pickling.
Dwarf White Begonia      100 seeds  $3.00
Loaded with beautiful white flowers that set on a background of  tiny waxy green leaves. A gorgeous bedding plant for shady locations.
Black Corn      20 seeds  $2.00
Black-Eyed Susan     50 seeds  $2.50
Packman Broccoli      50 seeds  $3.00
Danvers Carrot      1/4 oz.  $3.00
A true garden oddity, makes a beautiful dried arrangement for Fall decorating.
A timeless classic. Loaded with flowers over a soft green backdrop of leaves, these flowers have been welcome in American gardens for decades.
The best producing broccoli we have ever used. On good soil, we have grown tight 18" heads, on average they are 12" across. Excellent for freezing.
73 days. An open pollinated carrot with excellent adaptability. They will grow long and strong in loose, loamy soil, or they will stay short and tight in clay soil.
Sweet and flavorful, they are ideal for canning and freezing.
Rebekah's Cantaloupe      25 seeds  $3.00
Poinsett Slicer      100 seeds  $3.00
Homemade Pickler      50 seeds  $3.00
Sweetest on Earth Cabbage      50 seeds  $3.00
73-77 Days. The sweetest, most pleasing, best tasting cabbage you'll ever find.
Blue-green heads average 4 to 5 lbs. from a compact plant.
Our own open-pollinated strain produced for northern gardeners.
Bears an exceptionally sweet, netted melon with a beautiful orange flesh.
65 days. A uniform dark green slicer. A picture-perfect market cucmber. Tolerant to Downy and Powdery Mildew, Scab and Mosaic.
55-60 days. Vigorous, high-yielding picklig cucumber with excellent disease tolerance. Solid, crisp medium green fruit can be picked from 1 1/2 to 6 inches.
Vert De Massy      50 seeds  $3.00
Dill      50 seeds  $3.00
Garlic      50 seeds  $4.00
Halloween Gourds      25 seeds  $3.00
Mixed Pastel Impatiens     25 seeds  $3.00
Black Seeded Simpson    1/2 oz.  $3.00
Ruby Red      1/2 oz.  $5.00
Romaine Parris Island     1/2 oz.  $5.00
Wishing Well Marigolds      50 seeds  $3.00
Variegated Nasturtiums      10 seeds  $3.00
Gene's Parsnip     50 seeds  $3.00
Early Sugar Snap      1 oz.  $3.00
Kelly's Green Pepper      50 seeds  $3.00
Strawberry Popcorn      50 seeds  $3.50
Giant Fair Pumpkin      20 seeds  $4.00
Bloomsdale Long-Standing     1 oz.  $5.00
Purple Sunflower      25 seeds  $8.00
Yellow Sunflowers      50 seeds  $3.00
Roma Paste      25 seeds  $3.00
Tomatillo Casa Verde      25 seeds  $3.00
Zucchini Senator      15 seeds  $3.00
Yucca Plant    20 seeds  $3.00
53 days. Cukes can be picked at pinky finger size for tiny gherkins, or at 4 inches for pickling whole or sliced. The ultimate pickler.
The key to homemade pickles. This seed comes from our own gardens, and is an excellent northern producer of large blossum heads. Ideal for canning or drying.
Our own garlic seed. We've been working with this line for years. An excellent producer of large cloves of mild distinction. Excellent flavor, ideal for sauces and pickling.
Our own seeds. 4 varieties include a bicolor, crookneck, lumpy, and miniature pumpkin. Makes a wonderful Fall table setting.
Our own seed. A mix of pastels from Pink Lemonade to Coral to Blueberry.
An all-time favorite. Quick-growing greens in leafy bunches for the table.
Mild and crisp, a delicious table lettuce.
A stunning addition to your salad greens. Ruby Red is a mild and tasty purple leaf.
Toss with Simpson and Romaine for a beautiful presentation, and delicious salad.
66 days. A fine market-type Romaine.
Heads are uniform, tall and erect. Interior is white to cream. Outer leaves are a dark green. Crisp and Ruffly texture, an excellent addition to your salad.
A mixture of marigolds from yellow to bi-color to orange.
Makes an excellent bedding plant for sun-drenched areas.
A flowing variegated vine that explodes with blooms all summer long. We plant them in 1/2 barrels at the end of our driveway. They are a welcome sight at the end of the day!!!
An ethnic favorite, and difficult to find seed. An above average producer in poor soil.

58-60 days.Requires little or no staking. Edible pods are medium green, thick walled and 3 inches long. Melt in your mouth sweet, they are best picked when peas are large and pods are full.
A full, 4 lobed thick-walled pepper of unrivaled taste. Excellent for table and sauce, this is Kelly's choice for our gardens. Our own seed.
A novel Fall decoration with a bonus. The seed is the perfect popcorn. The hull is small, and it pops full and large. Cute cobs from compact plants.
These are the Giant pumpkins you read about every year. 50 pounders are effortless, and 400 pounders are easily do-able with some work. It's a science...
A slow bolting, long lasting spinach of the highest quality. This is "The Greens" that people are talking about when they are talking birds. It is the best supplement you can grow for your birds, and it's great for the table, too.
Our own seed. An assortment of 3 varieties of purple sunflower. All strikingly gorgeous and unique. A very rare find, we've been working with them for years now.
Our own seed. This assortment has it all. From 10 foot giants to 6 foot multi-stemmed to the 2 foot Teddy Bears, this mix will bring a smile to your face!!!
Our own seed. A high yielding, fast finishing paste tomato with small seed cavities. It's flavor is full, excellent for drying, sauces, table or canning. Northern performer!!!
Our own seed. The "Secret Ingredient" to making salsa. These paper-husked delights are sweet-sour. They are a true oddity and a fine conversation piece.
41 days. A perfect, uniform market zucchini. Small seeds make it a joy for the table. Quick setting fruits are 6 to 7 inches long.
A spiky beauty for full-sun areas. Makes a perfect centerpiece for a flower bed.
Flowers in late summer with stunning white bells.