Thermometers and Hygrometers
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Brinsea Spot-Check
Digital Thermometer
Increase your success at incubation!!!
Brinsea's new digital thermometer features a soft-touch push-button control. It is a very accurate, easily read instrument specifically designed for incubators.
The range is 90-104 degrees F. This thermometer is 10-20 times more accurate than most digital thermometers. It reads to 0.01 degrees F with an accuracy .+/- .01 degrees.
The thermometer is switchable between Farenheit and Celsius.
An 18" wire lead wraps around the body of the unit in a specifically designed storage groove. The probe rests in a storage clip on the side of the unit.
Compact and sleek, the thermometer featured is approximately actual size.
SPOTCHECK   Digital Themometer   $30/each  1 lbs.
The Easy Chicken
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Lyon Spirit Incubator Hygrometer
Water Weasel
Lyon Hygrometer   $40/each  1 lbs.
Water Weasel for Large Fowl Eggs  $8/each  1 lbs.
Take your incubation skill to another level by accurately controlling your incubator's humidity!!!
This hygrometer features two extremely accurate scientific spirit thermometers. The well is on the left of the picture where it is filled with water for wet-bulb readings. A relative humidity chart is printed on the base for easy conversions. The second thermometer tracks the temperature in a heat-sink fashion.
This hygrometer/thermometer combination is the perfect compliment to the digital incubator thermometer above.
When the probe of the Digital Incubator Thermometer is inserted into the water weasel it will show you an exact internal egg temperature, which is the ultimate edge against poorly performing incubators. You will now be able to accurately guage what is happening inside the egg, completely eliminating "guesstimations".
Water Weasel for Bantam Eggs      $6/each  1 lbs.
What's a water weasel?
Octagon 20/40 Incubator Hygrometer
This thermometer is a direct replacement for Brinsea Hygrometers. It is also useful as a replacement for many other wetbulb thermometers. The thermometer is 6 inches long and 1/4" in diameter, making it a direct replacement or stand-alone for many applications.
Brinsea Octagon 20/40 Hygrometer   $38/each  1 lbs.
This hygrometer is a snap-in "system" that is made specifically for the Octagon 20 and Octagon 40 Models. It is installed by removing one of the plugs in the end of the incubator's top. A snap ring is screwed into it's place. The actual hygrometer module snaps into this ring, making it easily refilled without opening your incubator. Both thermometers are easily read, because the graduations are on the outside of the incubator.
Brinsea Spirit Thermometer   $12/each  1 lbs.
In order to keep your hygrometer working accurately, it is recommended that you change the wick monthly.
This wick is a direct replacement for Brinsea Hygrometers, Lyon Hygrometers, GQF Stem thermometers, and many many others. It will work perfectly with most all spirit thermometers and homemade hygrometers.
Hygrometer Wick
Brinsea Spirit Thermometer
Bulk Hygrometer Wick - 1 foot   $2.50  1 lbs.
These batteries are direct replacements for Spot Chek and GQF Digital Thermometers.
They are 357A Button cells. They are direct replacements for LR44, 357, G13 and A76 cells.
Replacement Battery   $2.00  1 lbs.
Digital Thermometer Batteries
3" Thermal
This thermal wafer is a direct replacement for standard snap microswitch/thermal wafer incubator controls. Wafers should be replaced on a yearly basis in much used incubators, every other year in seldom used incubators. A fresh wafer will dramatically decrease temperature swing, thus improving your incubating results.
3" Thermal Wafer   $15.00  1 lbs.
These evaporating pads are for use with Brinsea H22, H122, and H222 Humidity Management Modules. Can be used in any incubator as a wicking device to aid in raising surface area/humidity.
This silicone tubing is a direct replacement for the Brinsea H22, H122, and H222 Humidity Management Modules.
Evaporating Pad  $4.00 each 1 lbs.
Silicone Tubing  $2.50/ft  1 lbs.