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The Easy Chicken
for beginners
Welsummer chickens were created in the little Dutch village of Welsum, Holland around the turn of the century.
This is how they came to be named Welsumer, only changing to Welsummer when they were brought to the States.
They were developed there from breeds such as Partridge Wyandotte, Partridge Cochin, Partridge Leghorn, and then later, Barnevelder and RIR.
They are highly sought after as a production bird, laying a good amount of beautiful dark red/brown eggs.
The eggs are also sometimes speckled with a dark overcoloring.
Brown/Red is the Standard color of the Welsummer, but it also occurs in Silver Duckwing and Gold duckwing in both Large Fowl and Bantam forms.
Welsummer cocks have a fair maternal nature and are willing to accept young birds in their flock. Here, they have gone so far as to stay down from roost at night to nurture peeps, falling just short of brooding them.
Welsummer hens, on the other hand, have little tolerance for chicks, period. They seldom go broody and seem to lack any matenal instinct whatsoever.
Welsummers can be quite nervous.
We combat that by raising them with a mild mannered breed like Cochins or Single Comb Rhode Island Reds.
The young birds will feed from the calmness, and ultimately end up a sweet, gentle bird.
Without special help, the birds mellow dramatically when they reach maturity.
I hope you've enjoyed our page, we'll be adding more pics in the near future.
I also hope you find the opportunity to care for these most georgeous birds.
You will certainly enjoy them!!!